TEDx Talk: How Women and Girls are Leading the Way to the End of the Fossil Fuel Era

TEDx Talk, “How Women and Girls are Leading the Way to the End of the Fossil Fuel Era.”

We face a global climate crisis; its cause is as well-known as its cure. We are destroying our home by the way that we produce and use fossil fuels. In this informative and inspiring solutions-based talk, renowned award-winning investigative journalist Antonia Juhasz shares stories from her global reporting for outlets including Rolling Stone and CNN exploring the many ways that women and girls from Afghanistan to Alabama are leading the way to the end of the fossil fuel era. Antonia asks, “will the rest of us be brave enough to follow their leadership?

Carried on TED website, here: https://www.ted.com/talks/antonia_juhasz_how_women_and_girls_are_leading_the_way_to_the_end_of_the_fossil_fuel_era

Antonia delivered her talk as part of TEDxCU during the University’s COVID lockdown. While scheduled at the historic Mackey Auditorium before a sold-out audience, the talk was instead delivered in a studio.

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