Critical Thinking in Environmental Studies: Media with Meaning

Antonia provides a guest lecture for the University of Colorado Environmental Studies course, “Capstone: Critical Thinking in Environmental Studies: Media with Meaning.”


Peering throughout history up to our modern day society, this course will examine and analyze media
that spurred environmental action, change, or significantly advanced a community’s understanding of an
environmental problem. Pertinent examples include the photography of Ansel Adams, the writing of
Rachel Carson, films like An Inconvenient Truth, and modern day social media. The course will critically
examine the various media tools used and explore reasons for their efficacy, including the broader sociopolitical
context. Students will be asked to bring their own examples of media that enhanced their
environmental awareness and explore the reasons why. This class will draw on the vast array of Boulder
artists who use media as a tool to drive environmental or human justice policy. Finally, as a final project
for the class, students will be challenged to develop their own media with meaning.


Professor: Cassandra Brooks