Oil, Soil, & (Climate) Turmoil Panel Discussion

Wednesday, April 27th 2016  7:30-9:30pm
San Francisco, CA

Shaping San Francisco
Free Public Talks Series

Decades after the Alaska oil pipeline began, we’ve gone through repeated booms and busts in oil production and prices. Antonia Juhasz has studied the history of the oil business and is one of the world’s best-informed critics of the industry. She is joined by Leila Salazar-Lopez of Amazon Watch, a group confronting oil giants in the Amazon, and by Joshua Kahn-Russell, author of A Line in the Tar Sands. All three explain the current balance of forces, and the prospects for keeping the “oil in the soil.”

At Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics, 518 Valencia, near 16th Street, San Francisco
518 Valencia
San Francisco, CA

Chris Carlsson

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