Earth Day: All-Day Teach-In on Fracking

Saturday, April 23rd 2016  9am-5pm
Boulder, CO

Fracking: A Sure Path to an Ice-Free Planet
An Earth Day Event: Saturday April 23, 2016 from 9am to 5pm

This noteworthy event will be a celebration of the Fractivist Spirit where you will learn more, be entertained, be inspired and feel connected to the community that shares your alarm over the shadow side of cheap fuel.

Nationally Known Speakers Include:

Andrew Nikiforuk – Above the Border, Under the Ground
Andrew is a journalist and author of many books. The latest is Slickwater: Fracking and One Insider’s Stand Against the World’s Most Powerful Industry. He has also written books about the Tar Sands and Pine Beetle. More About Andrew Nikiforuk

Professor Tony Ingraffea of Cornell Univ – The Science of Fracking
Dr. Ingraffea is one of the world’s leading experts on fracking and impacts of shale gas development. His research concentrates on computer simulation and physical testing of complex fracturing processes. He and his students performed pioneering research in the use of interactive computer graphics in computational mechanics. He has authored with his students over 200 papers in these areas. More About Tony Ingraffea

Antonia Juhasz – Diagnosing an Industry in Peril: the State of Big Oil Today
Antonia Juhasz is a leading energy analyst, author and investigative journalist, specializing in oil. Juhasz is the author of three books: Black Tide (2011), The Tyranny of Oil (2008), and The Bush Agenda (2006). Her investigations have taken her a mile below the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico to the rainforests of the Ecuadoran Amazon, from to the deserts of Afghanistan to the fracking fields of North Dakota, from the Alaskan Arctic to a Houston jail cell, and many more places in between. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a Bachelors Degree in Public Policy from Brown University. An award-winning writer, her articles appear in Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Magazine, The Atlantic,, The Nation, Ms., The Advocate, and more. More about Antonia Juhasz

The agenda will include an all-day teach-in with plenty of entertaining interludes and lunch will be served.

Free Parking is available in the lot at Regent Dr & Colorado Ave. Or take the HOP!

We understand that our admission fee could be a hardship to some. Please contact us if you would like to attend but would have trouble paying the full fee.

University of Colorado Math 100 Colorado Ave & Folsom Ave Boulder, CO 80309
Colorado Ave and Folsom Ave
Boulder, CO

Daniel Ziskin

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University of Colorado