The Bu$h Agenda : Invading the World, One Economy at a Time.

By Antonia Juhasz, HC, Harper Collins Publishers, 2006.

Paperback edition released May 8, 2007 – updated with a new afterward, “What A Difference A Year Makes.”

The Bu$h Agenda exposes the Bush Administration’s use of corporate globalization policy as a weapon of war. Juhasz uncovers the history and key role of U.S. corporations in the creation of the Bush agenda, focusing on Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Chevron, and Halliburton. Presenting the Iraq War as the most brutal application of the Bush agenda, Juhasz reveals the “oil time-line” driving the war, and how the administration has fundamentally transformed Iraq’s economy, locking in sweeping advantages to its corporate allies – including increased access to Iraq’s oil. The administration has expanded its target to the whole Middle East through the U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Area. Juhasz brings to sharp focus the dangerous fallacy that the United States can combat terrorism and spread democracy through its so-called “free trade” policies. Extensively researched and highly engaging, The Bu$h Agenda provides informative analysis revealing the hard truths about where the Bush administration and its corporate allies are leading the modern world—AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

“A meticulous expose of corporate America’s intentions in the Gulf.” – The Organizer-India
“Excellent.” – Amy Goodman
“A resounding call to action.” – John Perkins
“Essential Reading.” – Congressman John Conyers
“One of the crispest, most insightful books yet to expose the Bush regime.” – The Georgia Straight, Canada
“Lucid, fact-filled and nonrhetorical.” – The North Bay Bohemian
“Spine tingling.” – The Ecologist Magazine
“Bravo for Juhasz!” – Greg Palast

The Bu$h Agenda is published in the UK and Australia by Duckworth Publishers, in Canada by HarperCollins-Canada, in Greece by Pontiki Publications, and in Turkey by Koridor Yayincilik.

You can purchase The Bu$h Agenda at any local bookstore (if they do not have it, you can ask them to order it), or visit Powell’s Books.

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Key Interviews on The Bush Agenda

Antonia Juhasz on The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time, DemocracyNow! with Amy Goodman – April 25, 2006
We speak with Antonia Juhasz about her new book, “The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time.” The book tracks the radical neo-liberal economic program the Bush administration has tried to impose on Iraq, which threatens to leave Iraq’s economy and oil reserves largely in the hands of multinational corporations.

DemocracyNow! with Amy Goodman – June 5, 2007
As the U.S. discusses staying in Iraq for 50+ years, the Bush Administration and congressional democrats push for Iraq to open its oil fields to foreign oil companies. Antonia Juhasz discusses the new Iraq oil bill and why oil workers in southern Iraq have announced a strike to oppose the law. Juhasz is author of “The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time.”

Ambitions of Empire: Deconstructing the Bush Agenda with Antonia JuhaszLeft Turn – September 1, 2006
Rebecca Solnit: “One the most startling things in your book is the way you talk about the war…”

Commentary on The Bu$h Agenda

“Antonia Juhasz deftly explains the cutthroat, no holds barred pro-corporate machinations of the Bush regime in this excellent book. She breaks down complex issues, exposes back room deals, and gives readers the information they need to speak truth to power.”
–Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!

“The Bush Agenda is a devastating indictment of the collusion between government and big business that has turned the United States—once-respected as Savior of Democracy—into a feared and hated empire. Packed with facts and insider stories, it is a resounding call to action.”
–John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

“The Bush Agenda lays out the ‘noble cause’ for which George Bush asked our sons and daughters to give their lives: to open Iraq to US corporate control. All potential military recruits should read this book and then decide if Halliburton and Chevron are worth fighting for.”
–Cindy Sheehan, peace mom

“The Bush Agenda is essential reading for anyone bewildered by the president’s reckless pursuit of foreign policies so harmful to the values, the economic interest, and the security of the American people. Juhasz lucidly lays out the reasons, combining solid analysis and data with vivid, if infuriating, illustrations of where the Bush Agenda’s adherents want to take our country.”
–Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

“Antonia Juhasz has captured the disturbing truth behind the Bush revolution in this riveting new book. The Bush Agenda sets out in disturbing detail the real motivation behind the invasion of Iraq and the unprecedented power grab now taking place in the Middle East. It will add depth to the critiques of the Bush administration and urgency to the need for new and different leadership in the White House.”
–Maude Barlow, national chairperson of The Council of Canadians and co-author of Blue Gold

“The Bush Agenda is a gut-wrenching account of precisely who sold us this war in Iraq and who has cashed in from the ensuing tragedy. Refreshingly, it doesn’t leave us merely cursing the corporate profiteers—it points the way to a people-oriented agenda that would leave the neocons and corporate looters in the dustbin of history. Read it and take action!”
–Medea Benjamin, Cofounder, Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace

“Clearly connecting the dots between the Bush agenda, the invasion of Iraq, and the forces of corporate-driven globalization, Antonia Juhasz provides an urgently needed framework for uniting two important social movements of our time, namely, the global justice and peace movements, in a common cause.”
–Tony Clarke, director of the Polaris Institute and co-author of Blue Gold

“I just got your book yesterday and I love it. This is so well presented, clear, concise, and riveting. Not only is it abundantly important, but it is also intelligently and wonderfully written. Thanks for writing this book!”
–Arthur Taylor, Boston, MA, from an e-mail sent to

“Reading the Bush Agenda just further broadened my mind that the course that the United States has taken under Bush’s leadership is that of a sinking ship… All one has to do is to take a trip down to New Orleans, or to Bay St. Louis, Gulf Port,Biloxie. And still see what devastation still remains… Every American should read The Bush Agenda, it would open their eyes and see what the rest of the world is starting to see. A course for disaster.”
–Mike Schauer, from an e-mail sent to

“Excellent excellent excellent. Without a doubt, the most sensible, comprehensive and devastating critique of the Bush Administration and the most recent invasion of Iraq that I have ever come across. In my opinion, the left has failed to generate a critique that is comprehensive and easily digested. You have done just that.”
–Mike Ede, California, from an e-mail sent to

“I wanted to thank you for such an insightful,understandable, quotable book. The most valuable thing for me was see how the economic/cororate piece of the puzzle fits into the rest of what we see happening. While I was reading, I rather felt as if I was seeing all the little bits and pieces of a kaleidescope finally fitting into a unified design. In addition to what is taking place in Iraq and other countries, it seems to me that there must be a BearingPoint plan in place for the United States. The parallels are striking. Thank you.”
–Karla Mahoney, Springfield, VA, from an e-mail sent to

“Please allow me to congratulate you on the publication of your insightful book on a topic so critical to our dignity and international standing. You have enlightened us in a typical Chomskian fashion and you deserve to be encouraged to do more. Your book is an inspiration to those of us who protested this war even before it began. No true American patriot can ignore your book and claim to be a patriot. Thanks for your invaluable contribution to our enlightenment!”
–Yaw Akuoko, Atlanta, GA, from an e-mail sent to

Comments submitted to Amazon (where The Bu$h Agenda currently has an average of 4 1/2 out of 5 possible stars)

“A war against terror – or a quest for economic hegemony? Good discussion that gets below the rhetoric.” April 25, 2006. Reviewer: D. Stuart, “Researcher at Kudos” (Auckland, New Zealand)

“The strength of the volume is that it raises fresh ideas, fresh facts and fresh debate about America’s changing role in today’s uncertain world. The politics of oil are at the forefront of public concern, and so-too are the politics of globalism and employment: and the role of China. In this light, the book is a welcome read with a consistent argument, well argued facts to make it well worthy of serious debate – regardless of your own particular politics.”

“You can fool some of the people some of the time…” April 28, 2006. Reviewer: cvairag (Allan Hancock College)

“Ms Juhasz has really done her homework. The book is to be praised for giving us the nitty-gritty of what’s going on with the attempt to steal Iraq’s national wealth. Names are named, and the actual facts of the anatomy of the Bush Iraq policy are laid out. Notably, the fact that there was a highly detailed plan for post-invasion policy which is currently very much in place and proceeding: business as usual. Anyone who takes the least notice of the contents of this incisive analysis can never again claim at the bottom line that we went into Iraq with any other than pure and simple profit motive (U.S. corporate profit, that is).

None can again claim, in the face of the array of facts and dot-connections which Ms Juhasz has so diligently marshalled, that this war has any sort of ideological basis – other than a skewed neo-con vision of slave state capitalism – or that real concern for the “safety of the average American” was ever at its heart. What we are speaking of here is the flow of money – and Ms Juhasz has doggedly followed the money and mapped its flow. Herein, is the perspective from which future historians will adjudicate the moral justifications for this pre-emptive war. Never has the old platitude “The business of America is business” appeared as bald and as grisly in the face of the naked black and white. The must read book of the season.”

“International Law Counts.” July 18, 2006. Reviewer: Gregory Declue, “forensic psychologist” (Sarasota, FL, USA)

Among other things, this book clearly documents that (1) It was a violation of international law for the U.S. to invade Iraq, (2) It is a violation of international law for the U.S. to treat prisoners the way we do, and the decisions are made on high, and (3) It is an ongoing violation of international law for the U.S., as an occupying force, to change Iraq’s laws in any but emergency ways.

The third of these was news to me, but makes perfect sense and is well documented. Although the person ruling Iraq was a tyrant, Iraq had a constitution and a set of laws that were workable, and the U.S. had no business re-writing the laws to fit with neo-con ideology about how countries should be designed and run. The U.S. OCCUPATION of Iraq, in practice (as we know) and in policy (as Juhasz documents), has created tremendous motivation for continuing insurgency.

This book provides everything a person needs to understand why the U.S. invaded Iraq, why the U.S. remains in Iraq, and what the current U.S. administration is trying to do around the world.”

“Clever, accessible – actually a page-turner!” April 28, 2006. Reviewer: L. Strayhorn (San Francisco, CA, USA)

“The Bush Agenda” by Antonia Juhasz is a very accessible but also rigorously scholarly book. I am fascinated by her clever, subtle wit – you’d think it would be hard to make a subject such as the dastardly story of economic globalization fun, but Juhasz does it. Interspersed with interesting bits of personal memoir (She was there at many historical moments), I have found the book very hard to put down. Her wry style is refreshing and makes for an intriguing, enlightening read.”

“‘Agenda,’ A Powerhouse.” July 10, 2006. Reviewer: Ink & Penner, “geMack” (Illinois)

“If only 1/10 of “The Bu$h Agenda” is true, we all ought to be scared! Antonia Juhasz has written an incredible economic chronology on White House relations with the Mid-East and what we can expect in the future. It prompts an “I don’t believe it” reaction again and again, page after page. Our involvement in Iraq, she says, is really is about an economics foreign policy that will ultimately result in MEFTA. [Remember “NAFTA”?] It’s not a quick read as it is extraordinarily fact-filled, information-packed, and seems vastly credible in its perspective as to what the administration, big corporations and our military are up to. The book is not at all a politico hack-job on GWB & Co. but does provide clear answers to any questions the reader may have had about: “Why are we over there?” Every talk-show host would do well to have this book on his/her desk, carefully read it, and then take it up on the air. Five-star effort by Juhasz!”

“DOES THE U.S.SEEK WORLD ECOMONIC HEGEMONY?” May 23, 2006. Reviewer: Kenneth Kapel, “GINA FAN” (Chicago, IL, USA)

“Antonia Juhasz has done a brilliant job of research in detailing the Bush administrations’ collusion with certain elements of big business to capture the worlds’ assets for the ecocomic enrichment of the few.Many pages,of ms Juhasz excellent text are allocatted to the economic enrichment of companies, such as Halliburton, due to “sweethearts contracts”,and the list goes on and on.Very well researched and I recommend it to ALL AMERICANS.”

“I wish it were “myth”, oh how I wish.” May 17, 2006. Reviewer: Will H., “Will H.” (New York, NY)

“The book goes into great detail to explain the who, why, and where, of global economics. It reveals and explores the connections and relationships of many of the people who are now, or have in some way in the past been associated with the current Bush administration. There is nothing “mythical” about it. Heck, it’s not even something a good researcher, which the author is, can’t find plenty of evidence in support of the accusations in this book. And what are the accusations? Simply put, that powerful, well connected people, both in and out of government, along with the huge business they are involved with, are using the war on terror, and war in general, to further enrich themselves. This isn’t something new, but it has evolved and morphed into something quite monstrous. This plays out in a myriad of ways which the author, again, goes into great detail to explain. The facts speak for themselves, and this book is nothing if not factual. Of course we know that facts don’t have much appeal to a number of our fellow citizens, god bless their sweet innocent hearts. But for the more patriotic folks who believe it is our duty as citizens to be ever vigilant- as recommended by the founders- this is a very good book, one that should be read carefully, and absorbed fully. There is much consistency from the left these days as the covers are pulled back to reveal this sordid corruption the likes of which have never been seen in our lifetime. I do believe Americans are beginning to awaken, it’s hard to sleep through the stench, and books like The Bush Agenda are a great contribution to that awakening. By all means get it, read it. Regardless of how you vote or who you support you owe it to yourself to become informed. We are living in tenuous times for those who truly value freedom and democracy.”

“Very Illuminating!” May 12, 2006. Reviewer: Pragmatist (Phoenix, AZ)

“At the center of the Bush Agenda is the argument that free trade will bring freedom, peace, and prosperity to the world. Juhasz, however, believes that “free trade” is shorthand for a number of economic policies that expand the rights of multinational corporations and investors to operate in more locations under less regulations. The result is increased inequality both within and between nations.

IMF/World Bank loans have been used to force privatization of utilities, trade liberalization, “user fees” (eg. for health care, education, water, etc.), restricting local government ability to control prices and interest rates, and elimination of agricultural subsidies. The outcome, however, has been less than wonderful.

In 1970, when IMF and World Bank loans began in Zambia, life expectancy was 49.7 years – in ’01 it was 33.4 (lowest in the world). In Russia’s case, IMF rules led to a 50% reduction in average income within four years, and output decline of over 40% from ’92-’98, and poverty rates soared from 2% to almost 50%. Argentina privatized, then saw the value of its currency rise -> uncompetitive exports, mass layoffs, and loss of health coverage.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the U.S. lost 3 million manufacturing jobs during NAFTA; meanwhile cheap, heavily subsidized U.S. agriculture flooded Mexico. NAFTA also stopped guaranteed land rights to indigenous people. Bottom Line: 1.5 million people were forced off their land and out of work, and the average real wages in Mexican manufacturing is now lower than pre-NAFTA.

General Garner was summarily fired in Iraq after disagreeing with many radical Bush administration proposals, such as privatization of Iraq’s 192 state-owned companies – he argued that Iraqis should determine their own economic fate. Bremer, his replacement, then ordered all Baath party members holding any position in the top three layers of management in every government ministry and other government institutions (eg. universities and hospitals) removed – about 120,000. (Five months later he allowed case by case reviews.) He then dissolved the Iraqi army and intelligence services, forcing another 500,000 out of work, and into an environment of 50-70% unemployment. (Also antagonized their families – about 2.4 million total.) Bremer next suspended all tariffs, duties, etc. for goods entering or leaving Iraq – devastating local producers (U.S. subsidized wheat and rice producers benefited.) He then went on to stop subsidies, exempted Coalition forces and contractors from Iraqi laws and taxes, replaced Iraq’s progressive tax with a flat tax, rewrote its patent, trademark, and copyright laws to ensure access and protections to foreign products, allowed foreign ownership of Iraqi firms and prohibited local preference laws, and allowed unrestricted repatriation of profits out of Iraq. Then U.S. contractors brought in a large number of Americans at much greater cost than hiring locals, further angering them. Finally, Bremer had final approval over all political candidates. And we wonder why they don’t like us!

The author’s recommendations focus on Iraq – get our army, consultants and contractors out, and cancel their debts.

Excellent material, easily readable.”

“Total Invasion.” May 5, 2006. Reviewer: H. Moric, “Loverman” (Chicago, IL)

“Disheartening and infuriating. Antonia’s book is like spring water in a desert of deceit. Well-researched and compiled, it uncovers at the very least, the basics of the “master scheme.” It is disheartening by the Truths it portrays, how deep they are embedded within our lives and the fatal consequences being felt by our world. The world is being ravaged by a select few greedy, soulless, power-hungry individuals. The Sons of Satan if you will, the essence of pure evil. Yet they are as “American as apple pie.” The text is also infuriating. Hopefully this analysis is not brushed aside but taken to heart and to the streets.

The monster has grown to epic proportions and looms large over our heads, casting a shadow of hopelessness on the ordinary citizen. Just as well, MLK was an ordinary citizen who fought for Justice. Juhacz does not abandon hope. She has taken to the streets. We must join her. We must never give up. I have gone from being complacent in this American consumption-culture to shunning all of it and devoting my time in the fight for Justice. This book only urges me on.

Spread the Truth, arm each other with knowledge and take a stab at the beast each and every day. No action is miniscule; hand out books, put up flyers, distribute documentaries and films (ala Loose Change). Protest! Do no just stand witness to possibly the greatest atrocity in human history. “They” have the economic and military technology to put our planet on a crash course with the sun. We are all affected.

If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream.”

Reviews of The Bush Agenda