Daily Camera – Review of The Bush Agenda

By Cathy B. SwansonDaily Camera (Boulder, Colorado)
May 28th, 2006

U.S. ‘war’ is just economic takeover. 

War? Occupation is more accurate.

Words are important because they help us frame what we think of something. To continue to call the U.S. involvement in Iraq a war three years after the invasion is a misnomer. It is an occupation.

Paul Bremer, administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority for 14 months after the invasion, enacted 100 orders that changed every aspect of the Iraqi economy. Gone was the Iraqi military, gone were all Ba’ath party bureaucrats and professionals (120,000).

In came the spoils of war for American companies. Follow the money of the four largest corporations (Halliburton, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin and Chevron) and other contextual details in the “The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, one economy at a time” by former Boulder resident Antonia Juhasz. The invasion and occupation of Iraq is an economic takeover aided by our military.

Come join Boulder residents June 3 at 9 a.m. for a public hearing in the Boulder City Council Chambers. Residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions on two resolutions (both posted at www.boulderiraq.org): a citizens’ initiative supporting a seven-step plan to withdraw troops now within a six-month timetable and another proposed by the City Council. Be part of a grassroots movement to say “Enough, enough.”

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