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Jacob Magraw-Mickelson
Whose Oil Is It, Anyway?
New York Times Op-Ed

Today more than three-quarters of the world’s oil is owned and controlled by governments. It wasn’t always this way.  Until about 35 years ago, the world’s oil was largely in the hands of seven corporations based in the United States and Europe. Those seven have since merged into four: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and BP. They are among the world’s largest and most powerful financial empires. But ever since they lost their exclusive control of the oil to the governments, the companies have been trying to get it back.

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The Bu$h Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time.

Updated with a new afterword, "What A Difference A Year Makes."

"A meticulous expose of corporate America's intentions in the Gulf." - The Organizer-India
"Excellent." - Amy Goodman
"A resounding call to action." - John Perkins
"Essential Reading." - Congressman John Conyers
"One of the crispest, most insightful books yet to expose the Bush regime." - The Georgia Straight, Canada
"Lucid, fact-filled and nonrhetorical." - The North Bay Bohemian
"Spine tingling." - The Ecologist Magazine
"Bravo for Juhasz!" - Greg Palast
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Chevron's Hype
Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

The oil company's ads say it is investing heavily in alternative and renewable fuels, but corporate reports indicate otherwise.

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Obama's Top Three Foreign Policy Priorities

Foreign Policy In Focus asked our senior analysts to identify the foreign policy priorities of the new Obama administration. Here's what they said:

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How Big Oil's Lobbyists Contributed to Big Finance's Crash

In 2000, Big Oil teamed up with the nation's largest investment banks and Enron to achieve the mother-of-all deregulatory loopholes. We are all paying the price today.

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Iraq Oil Law Information
Updates on the Iraq Oil (Hydrocarbon) law

This page compiles a variety of information - including articles written by Antonia, interviews with Antonia, and wider press coverage - on the current proposed Iraqi Oil Law. Also inlcuded are a link to the text of the most current draft of the legislation and information on what you can do to take action.
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A Game As Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption

Antonia Juhasz is contributing author with John Perkins and others to A Game As Old As Empire. John Perkins' New York Times bestseller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (more than 500,000 sold) revealed just the tip of the iceberg of the secret world of economic hit men. A Game As Old As Empire exposes many more shocking secrets, exposing the schemes and subterfuges that multinational corporations, governments, powerful individuals, financial institutions, and quasi-governmental agencies use to enrich themselves behind a façade of "foreign aid" and "international development."


Spoils of War: Oil, The U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Area, and The Bush Agenda

Now with his war under attack, even President George W. Bush has gone public, telling reporters last August, “[a] failed Iraq … would give the terrorists and extremists an additional tool besides safe haven, and that is revenues from oil sales.” Of course, Bush not only wants to keep oil out of his enemies’ hands, he also wants to put it into the hands of his friends.
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Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World is Possible

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Will the Next War for Oil be in Africa?

The number of Americans who believe that the war in Iraq was a mistake has surpassed the number who felt the same way about Vietnam during that war. At the same time, a much quieter U.S. military build-up is underway on another continent. The ultimate objective of the two efforts is the same: securing Big Oil's access to the regions' oil. The impact in Africa will likely be the same as in Iraq: perpetual occupation, instability, and growing anti-Americanism.


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