(Un)Covering Oil with Antonia Juhasz

Antonia's new special radio series, (Un)Covering Oil.


(Un)Covering Oil with Antonia Juhasz.

Episode 2: The Bailouts

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On the second installment of KGNU’s “(Un)Covering Oil,” host Antonia Juhasz is joined by Emily Holden, environment reporter for The Guardian U.S. based in D.C., Naveena Sadasiva, environment reporter for Grist based in San Francisco, and Lucy Molina, a community organizer and resident of Commerce City, site of the Suncor oil refinery. They discuss the oil industry’s various bailouts and easing of regulatory requirements in the wake of Covid-19 with examples from Colorado, Pennsylvania and Michigan and what it means to be locked in your home next to one of the state’s most polluting operations.


Articles By Emily Holden

Articles By Naveena Sadasiva

With the support of a grant from the Society of Environmental Journalists, Antonia has launched a new special series, (Un)Covering Oil with Antonia Juhasz, airing monthly on KGNU radio in Colorado.