(Un)Covering Oil with Antonia Juhasz

(Un)Covering Oil: Ringing Out 2020


(Un)Covering Oil with Antonia Juhasz.

Episode 6: Ringing Out 2020

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On the sixth episode of (Un)Covering Oil, Antonia rings OUT 2020 with hope, knowledge and strategies for bringing about social, environmental and climate justice starting off in Georgia, where the fate of the United States Senate will be determined in just a few short days and where guest LaTosha Brown, Co-Founder of Black Voters Matter, is on the ground getting out the vote and talking environmental justice.

In this clip from the interview, Antonia and LaTosha discuss environmental justice, and why it’s a key issue in the Georgia runoffs.

Antonia also speaks with Dr. Sivan Kartha, senior scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute, who discusses strategies for achieving a global equitable and just-managed decline of fossil fuels worldwide. And Joe Salazar, executive director of Colorado Rising, discusses the implementation of Colorado’s historic oil and gas law, SB 181.


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