The End of Oil Is Near

The Overstory

After a late-summer break, The Overstory is back with a new episode. We talk with energy reporter Antonia Juhasz, who explains why the COVID pandemic may be the nail in the coffin for the global oil and gas industry. Juliet Grable, a frequent Sierra magazine contributor, talks about what it was like working as a volunteer fire fighter battling the recent wildfires in Oregon. And our advice columnist, Ms. Green, has tips for how to recycle old underwear and socks.

About The Overstory: That’s the word ecologists use to describe the canopy of a forest. There’s a riot of life above us, but usually we’re so focused on what’s right in front that we forget to look up. Season One took us from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the wilds of Patagonia. Season Two will continue to explore the world with changemakers and storytellers who offer different perspectives of the natural world.