MARS TV Series

Antonia joins MARS TV Series

National Geographic’s MARS Season 2

EVERYWHERE November 12, 2018

Antonia is a featured “Big Thinker” in Season 2 of National Geographic’s landmark television series, MARS, produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

It is a unique documentary/scripted drama hyprid series. In Season 2, water is discovered on Mars. As a private company rushes dangerous production and the construction of a pipeline, the threats to the planet and it’s inhabitants – both human and native – become dangerously apparent. Antonia discusses how the lessons learned from resource extraction on earth (specifically oil) must be applied if we do not want to do the same damage to MARS as has been done to earth. Moreover, if we do not want to make our own planet uninhabitable from increasing numbers of humans, we must apply those lessons here on earth as quickly as possible.

MARS Season 2 Trailer