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FEATURING ANTONIA JUHASZ – In a gift to the oil and gas industry, Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday announced a proposal to radically expand offshore oil and gas drilling to virtually all U.S. coastal waters, rolling back hard-won victories by the environmental movement.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke hailed the decision as, “a new path for energy dominance in America.” But his department’s positioning is at odds with Governors from many states including Republicans, who oppose offshore drilling.

Meanwhile, offering yet more evidence that climate chaos from an excess of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is the so-called “bomb-cyclone” that slammed into parts of the Eastern coast of the US. From Florida to Massachusetts, communities experienced record-breaking weather patterns.

Antonia Juhasz, leading energy analyst, author, and investigative journalist. She is an award-winning writer who has contributed to Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Magazine, The Atlantic,, The Nation, Ms., The Advocate, and more. She is the author of three books: Black Tide (2011), The Tyranny of Oil (2008), and The Bush Agenda (2006).