Energy, Climate & Election Year Politics

As what may prove to be one of the most historic weeks in American politics draws to a close, host Antonia Juhasz leads a discussion on energy, climate, and election year politics with guests Tyson Slocum, the Energy Program Director at Public Citizen in Washington, DC and Kelly Mitchell, Energy Campaign Director for Greenpeace, from Chicago. This week, Senator Sanders won an upset victory in Indiana, ensuring an energized race with Secretary Clinton straight through the convention, while Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States. There are stark differences between all remaining Presidential candidates on these issues.  But the election is not just about the Presidency, it is also about Congress, state and local contests, all with critical outcomes for energy, climate, and the planet. Our expert guests help steer us through a confusing web of policy and pomp to get to exactly what you need to know during this historic election year.