The True Cost of Chevron Public Teach-In

Monday, May 23rd 2011  7:00-10:00pm
Berkeley, CA

Join members of communities from around the world that have been impacted by Chevron’s reckless business operations at this teach-in on the True Cost of Chevron. This event is being held just two days before Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting, when the company will release its own annual report.

Then, join us for the rally/protest outside of Chevron’s AGM May 25!

Leaders from Chevron-affected communities that will be traveling from their homes to join us in the Bay Area for these events include:

Humberto Piaguaje, Amazon Defense Coalition, Ecuador
Emem Okon, Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre, Nigeria
Mardan Pius Ginting, WALHI – Friends of the Earth Indonesia, Indonesia
Gitz Crazyboy (Ryan Deranger), First Nation Dene/Pikini (Blackfoot), Alberta, Canada
Elias Isaac, Open Society Initiative, Angola
Bryan Parras, Texas Environmental Advocacy Services and the Gulf Coast Fund, Houston, Texas
Tom Evans, of the Native village of Nanwalek, CookInlet Keepers, Alaska

Antonia will also be a speaker at this event.

What Chevron’s annual report won’t tell you (or the company’s shareholders) is the true cost paid for Chevron’s business operations around the world: the lives lost, the wars fought, the communities destroyed, the environments decimated, the livelihoods ruined, and the political voices silenced. Nor will it describe the global resistance movements gaining voice and strength against Chevron’s particularly callous method of operation.

The Teach-In on the True Cost of Chevron will have the real scoop on Chevron’s destructive business and the movements gaining steam around the world to hold the company accountable.


David Brower Center Tamalpais Room
2150 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA

Tonya Hennessey

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