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Water and Corporate Globalization / Bechtel in Cochabamba, Bolivia

The River vs. Water, Inc.: An Interview with Vandana Shiva
by Antonia JuhaszLiP Magazine
October 28th, 2005
In late-October 2005, Antonia interviewed world-reknowned global activist, physicist, and ecologist Dr. Vandana Shiva for LiP magazine, based in Oakland, California. They discussed Dr. Shiva's thougts on the relationship between research and activism, corporate control of natural resources, and the struggle to create "living democracy."

Cashing In on Water
by Antonia Juhasz and David WaskowThe Washington Post
October 17th, 2002
In his Sept. 30 op-ed column, "A Protest Teach-in Spoiled by Facts," Sebastian Mallaby said the World Bank did not promote the disastrous water privatization project in Cochabamba, Bolivia, because it objected to the inclusion of a dam project. That contention is not supported by the facts.

Water, Not for Sale
by Antonia JuhaszThe Washington Post
August 31st, 2002
According to Public Services International, between 1989 (the year water was privatized) and 1995, water prices increased 106 percent in the United Kingdom, while profits for the privatizing companies soared 692 percent. As a result, twice as many households have had their water cut off after privatization as before. Further, between 1989 and 1997, five corporations engaged in water privatizations in the United Kingdom were found guilty of 128 environmental offenses.

Bechtel v. Bolivia
by Antonia JuhaszSan Francisco Bay Guardian
April 17th, 2002
BECHTEL CORP. celebrated one of the most profitable years in its 100-plus-year history by suing one of the poorest countries in the world: Bolivia. After raking in $14 billion – nearly double Bolivia's entire gross domestic product – San Francisco's own multinational giant is suing the Bolivian government for $25 million. For its part, Bolivia celebrated the new year with $3 billion in external debt and with two-thirds of its population living in poverty.

Governments should not use "national security" to stifle dissent
by Antonia JuhaszProgressive Media Project
December 13th, 2001
Activists around the world received the e-mail shortly after noon on Nov. 27. The subject line read, simply, "Oscar Olivera in Detention." Oscar Olivera is a leader in the fight for affordable water in Bolivia and winner of the prestigious 2000 Goldman Environmental Prize.

The Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Threat to Water
by Antonia JuhaszIFG, April 2001
April 1st, 2001
At the 1994 Summit of the Americas in Miami, FL., the leaders of the 34 nations of Canada, the United States, Central and South America and the Caribbean (excluding Cuba), agreed to sign a hemisphere-wide trade and investment pact called the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). At this meeting, President Bill Clinton pledged to fulfill former President George Bush's dream of a trade agreement stretching from Anchorage to Tierra del Fuego.

Cochabamba Water War Presents Globalization Alternative to the World
by Antonia JuhaszIFG Newsletter, February 2001
In December 2000, members of the IFG Committee on Water and Globalization were invited to Bolivia’s third largest city, Cochabamba. We were invited to participate in an international conference on the privatization and globalization of water and to create a partnership between the citizens of Cochabamba and the international movement against corporate globalization. While there, we met with Cochabambans from all walks of life who had taken part in a citizen uprising to take back their water from those who had put it in the global market place: their government, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and U.S. corporate interests. In so doing, we learned once again that alternatives to corporate globalization exist and can be replicated around the world.