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Meet the Rappers and 'Kayaktivists' Out to Stop Shell's Giant Oil Rig.

by Antonia JuhaszRolling Stone
May 22nd, 2015

Rolling Stone

Meet the Rappers and 'Kayaktivists' Out to Stop Shell's Giant Oil Rig

Female musicians and Native activists recently led two days of protests against Shell's Arctic drilling plans

"Kayaktivists" and other protesters gathered in Seattle recently to fight Shell's Arctic drilling plans. Ron Wurzer

Katrina Pestaño is running the mic. "Hollow, my bones will carry, rebellion like the rain," her rap begins. Head raised, chest out, eyes squeezed tight, her momentum builds. "I am that ancient rhythm, the heat of the sun." She drops her face and opens her eyes to take in the crowd of protesters who gathered last weekend to block the road to Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle. A broad smile takes over her face. "When all is said and done, I am the will to carry on!"

Behind Pestaño stands a giant blue puppet, the words "Stop Arctic Drilling" painted in red on its chest.

Pestaño, 31, has been an activist since college, but she was politicized by hip-hop while still a child in the Philippines. She arrived in Seattle in 2006 and began organizing a monthly hip-hop show for women performers called Indayog, which means "movement" or "rhythm" in her native Tagalog. Had you asked her then, she likely would have scoffed at the idea of breaking down her lyrics with – much less joining – a group of predominately white environmentalists opposing Arctic oil drilling.

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